Choosing the right Fishing Rod

Fishing with the right fishing rod is one of the most important thing. Fishing Rods determine the casting distance, action, weight limit, feel and many others. Being a good angler you will need to be able to control your cast and feel the “fight” when you have caught the fish. As there are many types of rod we will break it form to the style of fishing, choosing the right fishing rod is what you need to do when you are preparing for your fishing trip here is the low down.


Fishing in these locations normally will present you with bodies of water that is relatively calm. The fishing can range from small to large fishes and have shallow water. The recommended rods for places like this are either a spinning or bait casting rod. They will give you a wide range of use such as lures, floats and sinkers.


The best place to fish but often expensive is fishing on a boat. The rods used here are very different from the above. They are generally shorter, thicker and built with action. The most common type of rod an angler will use for an off-shore trip will be a jigging rod where it is designed to withstand the punishment of larger fish such as tuna and sharks. Another compulsory rod for Off-shore fishing is a trolling rod, a longer and harder variation of the conventional rod used for catch deep sea fishes using a spinner reel.


The only rod you will need is a surf rod, a specialised type of rod designed and engineered for casting long distance to break the surf. Perfect for the beaches they come in three configurations spinning, side cast or overhead. They range from 10 feet to 15 feet in length (tip: always get one that come in three pieces for easy transportation)

Which your next destination chosen you now can pick the right fishing rod to use for your trip. Always remembers to be safe when fishing and apply sunscreen.


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