Top 5 fishing knots for hooks


Many fishers are conscious about different aspects of their fishing activities and some swear by the way they tie their fishing hooks. It is after all the connection between your fishing line and your fishing hook and often the point of weakness. Nothing beats the feeling of loosing a fish due to the fishing knots!!!

Below are what i reckon the top 5 ways to tie a fishing hook and with this 5 ways you will be fine.

  1. Improved Clinch Knot

As a beginner to fishing knots, you may wish to learn from the basics. An improved clinch knot is the most recommended fishing knot to tie a hook for beginners in fishing activity. The main attraction of this fishing knot is its strength up to 95% of the original line strength. The first step for this fishing knot is threading the line by using the hook’s eye. You have to leave a little space in between the hook eye and the line.

Now, twist the end of the tag around the standing line. You have to do it five times. The next step is to pass the end of the tag through a little space. Now, you have to run the end of the tag through the second loop. You can pull the tag end and the standing line gradually away from the hook. You can dampen lines using water. The last step is to pull the overall standing line away from the main hook firmly.

  1. Spade End Knot

Experts in fishing knots nowadays prefer the Spade End Knot to tie a hook. There is no eye on the spade hook. The size of this hook is small. You can tie a knot at the side of the flat conveniently. Do not forget to bend the hook shank’s end. You can start with down turned or upturned hook. There is no loop in this fishing knot to tie a hook. You have to make sure about the shank of the hook is along with the end of the tag. The next step is to form wraps downwards the shank in the direction of the hook’s curve. Now, you can tighten the snell by pulling the main line.

  1. Non-Slip Loop

If you wish to let a hook moves freely, then non-slip loop knot is the best choice. You can tie a knot at least 8 inches from the line end. Now, pass the end of the tag through the lure eye. You can let it go through the overhand loop at last. You can wrap the end of the tag in the region of the standing line and pass it back one more time through the overhand knot.

  1. Snelling an eyed hook

You can tie the knot ahead of the hook’s eye in this fishing knot to tie a hook. This method is suitable for all categories of fishing. You can try this successful fishing knot and enhance your fishing activities as planned

  1. Uni Knot

Fishers tie an eyed hook with a leader to make a Uni knot. They cut the end of this knot. They prefer this fishing knot when they learn How to tie hooks top 5 at first. This is because this fishing knot is suitable for monofilament fishing line.

Got yourself a book as a handy guide for all your fishing knots when you are fishing.


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