Saltwater fishing is an extensive hobby for individuals throughout the globe. It is one of the most enjoyable sports in various areas of the world. With such a craze for saltwater fishing, the market for saltwater fishing reels has gone up drastically, especially in the last couple of years. Individuals ought to choose from a large variety of fishing reels so as to meet up to their style as well as to the type of fish they are willing to go after. Specific fishing reels are also suited to certain fishing conditions.

As a wide variety of saltwater fishing reels are available, the task of choosing the one that ought to suit your needs is quite difficult. Hence, it is highly recommended that individuals do a fair amount of research before they actually purchase one else their investment might as well go in vain.

Top 5 Saltwater fishing reels

As mentioned earlier, an individual must do a fair amount of research before purchasing a fishing reel. This article ought to take you through a brief overview on the top 10 saltwater fishing reels currently available in the market. It would be wise of you to go through this article before purchasing a fishing reel for yourself.

1. Shimano Stradic Saltwater Fishing Reel

The Shimano Stradic Saltwater Fishing Reel is specifically designed for fishers irrespective of their experience. Just like all other Shimano products, it comes with an X-Ship that offers a smooth torque. Its rotor and side plate is composed of graphite and thus light weight. Its frame is mostly made of aluminum and has SA – RB bearings. If you are looking for saltwater fishing reels for beginners, then the Shimano Stradic C14+ Saltwater Fishing Reel is definitely your pick. You must get this reel as your main reel, it is mine.

2. PENN Spinfisher V Spinning Reel

The PENN Slammer Series Saltwater Fishing Reel is one of the strongest fishing reels a troller can ask for. It is perhaps the best choice if you are looking to go after panfish and walleye. It features a whole range of feature but to that end PENN is known for their sturdiness and simple built for a long lasting equipment. Full metal body built together with a fully sealed drag system designed for saltwater. It is so good that I did an independent review on this reel, you can find it here

3. Okuma Avenger ABF Graphite Bait Feeder

Coming in at Number 3, the Okuma Avenger is a reel made for the most serious angler or even beginners. The Avenger ABF comes with the bait feeder function allowing your bait to look real and free-running line without affecting the drag setting. Japanese oiled felt drag system together with a corrosion-resistant graphite body. The Okuma Avenger also has the RESII: Computer Balanced Rotor Equalizing system packing all the features together I give it a number 3 for our Top 5 Saltwater Fishing Reels

4. PENN Fierce Spinning Reel

Another contender, priced at a very reasonable range the PENN Fierce Reel is designed to be a multi purpose reel that can handle light weight soft plastics to heavy deep sea jigging. Known to withstand abuse the reel has a full metal body and side plate that keep all the gears running in perfect sync under heavy load. Together with a Machines and anodized Aluminum spool and 4 Ball Bearings this reel is another must have. The have also included the Techno-Balanced TM rotor giving smooth retrieves and last but not least coming from the PENN family it will last.

5. Pflueger President Spinning Reel

For one, the Pflueger President reels available with full-reinforced graphite body and ported machined aluminum spool making it durable and light. The spool includes nine ball bearings all stainless steel and one roller bearing making it an effortless reel for fishing. Secondly, Pflueger spinning reels have a Sure-Click bail design, providing you with easy to hear indicator when the bails entirely opened and ready for casting – whilst the anti-twist titanium line roller lays the line evenly on the spool. The handle is carbon designed with EVA knob making the spinning reel even lighter and the inside of the reels made up of extreme corrosion resistant to shield the bearings up to 10 times for greater corrosion resistance. The drag systems, sealed with carbon, preventing intrusion of debris and water.

There you have it our Top 5 saltwater fishing reels for out spinning series.


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