Types of Fishing Lures – Freshwater

Fishing is one of the most sought after hobby of most people. It is practical as well as beneficial to fish on Freshwater because the hobby will always result to a big catch where your family will certainly enjoy for dinner.

You need various equipment to start your “Fisherman” journey and one of those pieces of equipment is the fishing lure. Although some lures go through a cycle of popularity but will be forgotten after, there are still some fishing lures that break away from that stereotype and are used by anglers for decades to come.

Understanding what lures to use in your situation is utmost important as this will seal big catch for you. But why use a Fishing lure? For starters, a fishing lure is less messy than a bait. It can also cover more water that allows you to even fish in a shore or pier and can easily change out. Nevertheless, the most important advantage of a Fishing lure is that there are different types of lures, which can target easily the species you are after more efficiently.

Fishing lures are used for specific purpose for a more specific kind of fish. With this equipment, you don’t need to dive into a complicated and messy route of fishing like how a bait would do if you chose this type of technique to catch a fish.

Here are the fishing lures for Freshwater that you might want to try together with their uses.

  1. Use Flies for Trout

The lightest and smallest fishing lure of all, Flies has a single hook that has either a feather skirt or a hair attached to it. You can’t go wrong with this fishing lure if you want to catch a trout on a stream because their main source of food is flies. Using Flies as a lure requires a special fishing rod that cast a weighted line where the fly is in a monofilament leader.

Moreover, flies have a wide range of patterns to match the fly species trout feed on such as Dry flies, Wet flies, Streamers, Nymphs and Bugs. It is possible to mix and match the Flies fishing lures to see which is the most effective.

  1. Use plastic worm for bass with largemouth

You can choose from various available colors and it has an average of 4 inches but can go as 10 inches. Plastic worms are known to be the best lure for bass with largemouth. This type of fishing lure can be used on brush, timber, rocky drop-off and weeds. Usually, they are assembled when the threading of the hook is on the worm itself resulting to the body coating the hook.

  1. Crankbaits

Crankbaits are flexible type of fishing lures. They are created to retrieved and eject which trigger the fish to take the lure aggressively. Crankbaits are also called plugs and are made of hard but light plastic material.

Some of the Crankbaits are weedless but they are purposeless to be recoup on weed, timber or bush. Examples of this type of fishing lures are topwater lures, swimming crankbaits, slim minnow and diving lures.

  1. Jigs for all-year round

Jigs looks a lot like Flies fishing lure but they are different in a way Jigs are more flexible when fishing for other kinds of sea species. They consist of a hook with a weighted head and featured a feather skirt, plastic grub or a hair.

Most jigs have round heads, but some jigs feature flat or triangular heads.

  1. Spinnerbaits for Tied up situations

The most helpful fishing lures of all, a Spinnerbait is known for safety pin spinnerbait as they resemble to a pin. Spinnerbaits could be angled in a fast retrieval on the surface resulting in the motion of the blades to splash, which would jump off any timber and most structures.

Moreover, spinnerbaits is provided with one or two of a teardrop-shaped or a propeller blade.  They are related to French spinners, which are usually used on streams or rocky ways to attract trouts and walleye.

In conclusion, fishing lure is more effective to use than a bait. Yes, they are somehow expensive but they can be used many times as they are not edible than live worms or any other common baits. You can count on these freshwater fishing lures to give you an abundant catch each time you use them so you don’t have to worry about going home drowning in tears.

Go on, try one fishing lure in your next fishing session and see the difference on your catch here on.


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