Types of fishing rods

The excitement of catching a fish is an exciting one, a hobby for some a lifestyle for others. Whatever it is the rod is one of the most important tool when fishing. Some say that using bamboo rods are the best but I believe in the 21st Century there are other better options. This article will go through the different types of fishing rods and its composition.
The fishing rod is also referred as fishing pole in some regions and it is used to suspend a line with the hooked bait. The classic fishing rods are made from Bamboos but nowadays it is available in Fiber Glass & Carbon Fiber material and many others. Based on the type of fishing, the users should use choose the appropriate fishing rod.

Like reels, the fishing rod has a couple of variation depending on your usage here are the popular ones.

Types of Fishing Rods:

  • Spin & bait casting Fishing Rods:

It is suitable for catching fish like Trout, Bass and walleye and available for both Heavyweight & Lightweight fishing. Length of this type fishing rods would be 1.65m to over 2m and has higher durability to hold stress caused by the fish on fishing rod. It is normally made out of graphite or fiberglass as the main shaft together with a handle made out of plastic or cork. Depending on the flexibility and profile some of them may flex a lot thus being a sensitive rod while other are shorted and stiffer for bigger game. Recommended for daily fishing and hobbyist it is suitable for a wide range of places from ponds, rivers to the deep sea. Still the most versatile rod in the market.

  • Jigging Rods:

This kind of rod will be perfect while fishing from boats at deep levels. The users can easily handle large baits and has the ability to handle the changing currents of Seas. It made by using the strong materials and designed for heavy duty uses. They are designed for fast action and can catch fishes up too 150kg or more. They are normally paired with heavy duty reels and popular among sport fishing boats. Not recommended for beginner or pier fishing.

  • Surf Fishing Rods:

Longest rod in its class the Surf Rod has a name for being anything but short. Often looking like an oversize spinning rod it is designed for only one purpose, to cast far. You can often find them at the beach as this rod is designed to cast great distance beyond the breaking surf. With the right gear you are able to cast over 100 yards with this rod. Recommended for rock, beach and pier fishing its length makes it popular for many people wanted to catch bigger fish from the land.

  • Trolling Fishing Rods:

Another rod designed for fishing on the boat, the profile is very similar to that of a spinning rod and often longer than a jigging rod. It is used for fishing with lures off the boat. The lure are cast and is towed by the boat, kayak or jey ski. Main uses are at lakes, ponds and sea (normally where there is a large body of water). A good trolling rod has a fast action profile and stiff end to counter the forces of the moving boat.

  • Fly Fising Rods & its types:

It is perfect to use for Freshwater fish such as Salmon and Halibut. It has the material of Carbon Graphite and has three types like Bamboo, Graphite & Fiberglass fly fishing rods. Thin, flexible and sensitive it is a whole different type of fishing. They are solely used for fishing with artificial lures that looks like a real fly. Over the years I have see some very intricate types of artificial fly cost hundreds of dollars. They have a great flex in there to assist with the casting as the lure are often very light.


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