Types of leader line


It is important to carry all the required accessories while tripping to fishing. Without the proper equipment, you may be caught out and missing your next big catch. one important part of fishing is that of your leader line. It plays an important role during the fish catching process as its purpose is to absorb strike force with no stretch giving you a strong line. Here you can find the importance and types of Leader line. The beginners who like to know what is a leader line can find the definition below.

Description of a leader line:

A leader line is the length of fishing line, which is connected between the bait/ hook to the swivel or main line. The leader lines are available in flat and round models and will be bit stiffer than the normal lines. However, it is possible to use any kind of lines as a leader line in different types of fishing. Using the proper line is the key to catch the fish successfully and nowadays the modern lines have the qualities of Flexibility, breaking strength abrasion resistance, stretch and etc. The modern lines use made from the artificial materials like Nylon, Dacron, Wire, Lead and etc. You should consider some factors like its size, specification and the type of fishing before using the line because it may increase the success of fishing.

Types of leader line:

Some of the popular leader line are given below with short description.

  • Monofilament: it is a nylon material line, which is stiff & heavy. It has more flexibility, thinner diameter and uniform quality.
  • Fluorocarbon: In earlier days, the leader of this model was too expensive but nowadays available its affordable. Non-absorbing quality and stretch resistance are the best advantages.
  • Copolymer: It was introduced in 1980’s and better than monofilament as it has lower stretch actor but high tensile strength. It has shock resistance and adds the invisibility factor to line.
  • Braided: The braiders of latest models have the thin diameter and low stretch. So, if there is any strike the rod can easily feel it and primarily used to catch the fish like Pike, Stripers and Catfish.
  • Fused: It has the Dyneema & Spectra micro fibers and ultra thin diameter. It has multiple layers like microfilament and produces a single thread of line. It is very sensitive and has the scrape resistance.
  • Fly Line: It has two components such as Inner & Outer core coating. Inner core made from a braid and intended to provide stretch and stiffness. The outer coating is wrapped by the thick water proof sheath like PVC.

Similarly, the users can find some other types of the leader lines in the market. In Tackle Shops it is available in different length and size. The users need to follow the proper procedure to tie the leader line with the bait. Do not use a big sized leader if you are going for the valley fishing. So, check the leader’s specification and its type before you buy it for your fishing trip


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